A B O U T 

Welcome to my online home. At the time of this writing(2015) I am a 24 year old fine artist. I live and work from my studio in Auckland, New Zealand. I employ a range of disciplines, materials and techniques within my practice including but not limited to: - custom code & generative algorithms - 3D rendering - moving image / film - found images and objects - photography - photo manipulation & retouching - digital painting - installation This site is currently being updated with more content. or at least it is soon to be... It really depends. I change all the time. I'm not the same person I was before. Even now. So maybe I lied... I have tried my best to catalogue all the stuff I've made. There's a lot of it. (Web stuff, fine art, texts, etc, etc) If something isn't here then I'm very sorry. Dudes I like Hito Steyerl Petra Cortright Cory Arcangel Oliver Laric Jean Baudrilliard Roland Barthes Slavoj Zizek Parker Ito Artie Vierkant Michael Staniak Tabor Robak Kate Steciw Sara Cwynar Joshua Citarella Places I support: FUZZYVIBES Artspace HOTDATE project space Te Uru Friends: www.mordobarkley.cc www.claudiadunes.space www.efka.me F.A.Q I found some bugs in one of your pieces of code / your code is terribly written, do you think this is acceptable? Not really, but mistakes are an unavoidable hazard in any line of work. I'm a lazy person and tend to take the path that most resembles a straight line to any given destination. Sometimes the road is clean and other times I leave a tangled mess in my wake as I hack my way through the brushwork of a problem. Often times this means my work is filled with old bits of code that either do absolutely nothing or slow down the whole thing unnecessarily. Having said that, I'd be super grateful if you could tell me about any issues you find though! I will eventually get around to sorting it out and I will give you a shoutout for your assistance in fixing my shit(SWEET!). Can I use or modify one of your code projects? Yep you bet, all my code work is released under creative commons licensing. I'm a big believer in standing on the shoulders of others, so go for it! It'd be super cool if you could tell me about it though, I'll even throw up a link if the project is sweet.